Social consumer loans at Best Bank

Today, due to low rates, compared to other loans, the most popular are social consumer loans at Best Bank

Along with the benefits of these programs, there are also disadvantages of taking a loan at Best Bank . The most important of them can be considered a long decision time and a huge number of certificates confirming the debtor’s income.
Almost all lending programs of this bank require a guarantor. This means that obtaining a consumer loan without a person who can guarantee you and in the event of your insolvency to pay the loan is impossible! Even so-called Social Consumer Loans without collateral exist only on paper. Typically, the amount of loans ranges from 15-16 thousand dollars to 40-45 thousand dollars.If there is one guarantor, the amount increases from 45 thousand dollars to 300 thousand dollars, and if there are two guarantors, you can count on the amount from 300 thousand to 750 thousand dollars.


What is a pledge loan?

pledge loan?

Guarantee of individuals who have stable and officially confirmed earnings or a guarantee of legal entities. Mortgage in the form of real estate, cars, precious metals and securities.

In addition, Best Bank does not issue consumer loans without references, leaving this hopeless business from the perspective of banking management to the share of commercial banks.


How to get a loan?

debt loan?

As everyone knows, social consumer loans require the presence of certain documents borrower. In the case of Best Bank , the document package is traditionally standard, but it can be extended (which happens very often) if you suspect your solvency with a bank employee.

Passport and TIN, application, application form – these are the minimum documents that may be required.
Assistance for working citizens in the form of NDFL2, for pensioners – confirmation of the amount of pension received, for entrepreneurs – package of documents confirming solvency is very wide (financial statement for the period, extracts from the tax, liability and receivable list, confirmation of unaccounted insurance)). It should also be borne in mind that guarantors must be provided with all the same documents and certificates. If there is a substantial promise – then you must also provide information confirming your right to own. For real estates it is the ownership passport and the purchase contract, for motor vehicles – technical license etc.

The minimum amount of credit for the needs of consumers is 40-45 thousand dollars for Moscow and 15 thousand dollars for residents of other regions. It should also be remembered that if you need an amount less than the minimum, you do not need to contact Best Bank . For example, a loan of 30,000 for the Moscow people and 11,000 for other citizens will not be granted. In this case, it is easier to contact another bank.

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