Special financing offered for Credit for implants.

Are you looking for a loan for implants? You will find what you are looking for at the dentist as well as at the cosmetic surgeon. In the waiting room or at the registration, the doctor proves that Germany is no longer a desert of service.

We wanted to find out whether the special financing offered for implants really works. In a loan comparison, we compare loans from the major providers medipay.

Dental implant or breast implant?

Credit for implants - dental implant or breast implant?

Dentists, cosmetic surgeons and even ENT doctors offer a loan for implants. Medical services that are not covered by health insurance may be financed by credit. Two of the frequent offers come from medipay or Z | easy. The websites as well as the loan calculator and interest offers correspond to each other. The imprint even refers to the same provider.

It is therefore not decisive for the loan comparison whether a loan for a dental implant or a loan for breast implants would be compared. We choose dental implants because the current price comparison for new teeth makes it easier to determine the real credit needs. A single implant – without complications with a crown from Asia – costs around 2,000 USD. The higher price range is a little more difficult to estimate.

If several teeth were implanted or a bone structure was necessary, loan amounts of 7,000 to 13,500 USD would be realistic. In order to work in the loan comparison with the most realistic loan requirements and solvency possible, we compare two values. One-off loan of 2,600 USD for a single dental implant with an inexpensive crown. In the second comparison, the rate of around USD 160 per month is intended to limit the loan for implants.

Credit comparison – 2,600 USD dentist loan

Credit comparison - 2,600 USD dentist loan

In the installment calculator for the special loan, 2,600 USD of your own contribution for the dentist’s bill would be conveniently financed in 24 months. – However, as with any reputable loan offer, the prerequisite for lending is that there is sufficient creditworthiness for the lending. With a 24-month term, the installment is USD 117 per month. The rate calculator shows an effective annual interest rate of 6.90 percent.

In total, the loan for implants from the specialist provider costs USD 208 interest. The free credit comparison continues with the same numbers. Again, sufficient proof of creditworthiness is a prerequisite for lending. We exclude credit-related “shop window rates” because only credit-independent rate offers qualify as a benchmark. We leave no room for maneuver due to the free choice of laboratory, which does not exist with a special loan.

If 2,600 USD with a 24-month term were freely financed, the loan comparison suggests an interest rate of 1.79 percent that is independent of creditworthiness. The monthly comparison payment is calculated by the credit comparison calculator at 110.35 USD. The total financing costs 48.36 USD interest. Applications should be made via videoident, a fast service that the specialist provider does not allow for his loans.

Conclusion – comparison of single implant

Conclusion - comparison of single implant

In the monthly installment payment, a difference of 6.54 USD may hardly be noticeable. Nevertheless, the “small” difference adds up roughly rounded to 160 USD. The special loan is almost more expensive by the amount of the fixed subsidy from the health insurance company. In other words, the crown could have been made of high-quality material instead of a stainless steel core at the same cost.

Credit comparison – maximum term 72 months

Credit comparison - maximum term 72 months

With major interventions, the loan for implants easily reaches five-digit sums. Nevertheless, the household budget naturally does not grow with the need for credit. Installment payments for the wallet remain compatible over the term. In our example, a monthly payment of installments should be a maximum of about 160 USD. The term of the special loan for implants is limited to 72 months. We also use this value in the credit comparison.

If the monthly offer was financed with a monthly installment of USD 160, the maximum loan term would be USD 8,750 as the maximum loan amount. For a major intervention with possible bone build-up, this sum is hardly enough. In this case, the installment calculator shows an effective annual interest rate of 9.90 percent. In total, the financing of the new teeth costs 2,779 USD interest.

The free loan comparison would be able to finance a maximum of USD 10,340 with a monthly installment of USD 160, again a 72-month term. The credit comparison calculator specifies 3.69 percent as the annual percentage rate. Interest would only have to be paid for the significantly higher loan amount, however. The special loan not only offers 1,590 USD less credit volume, but also costs 1,596.89 USD more interest.

If 8,750 USD in loan were sufficient with a term of 72 months, the comparison calculator gives the monthly installment payment at 136.19 USD. The effective annual interest rate for this offer is 3.89 percent. In total, only $ 1,055.54 interest would have to be paid. In comparison, the special loan would be about 2.6 times as expensive.

Conclusion – credit for implants in comparison

Conclusion - credit for implants in comparison

With the offer to finance medical services from the waiting room, dentists and implantologists answer credit requirements for services outside of the health insurance remuneration. The offer may be convenient, but the loan for the implants is cheaper using a free credit comparison calculator.

Our short credit comparison shows that it is worth comparing large and small sums. The money saved would be better in an additional medical service than in interest on the loan for implants.